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EUpt-business support center- offers its ON DEMAND Marketing and Sales Management skills to international VSEs/SMEs that do not have such resources internally or have limited resources.

Why ON DEMAND (or time-sharing)?

Our ON DEMAND interventions (or in time-sharing) allow the company to cover a need for specific skills in a sharp and focused way: agreed missions can be dosed, for example, in days per week or days per month. And this, without social risk!

Our typical missions

Whether for a one-off operation or medium- or long-term support, for the domestic or export market, we provide solutions covering:

  • the structuring of the commercial activity (Marketing and Sales)
  • the management of commercial prospecting
  • the management and implementation of commercial actions
  • the follow-up of (long) sales cycle in “project” mode
  • … and much more

Our areas of work

EUpt-business support center- was founded in 2007 on the basis of solid experience in the German sector of machine tool and its component, in a technical and multicultural environment and later on in international business. Today, our area of activity are no longer limited to capital goods for production technologies, but remain B2B oriented.

why choose US?


Frequently asked questions

  • Managers of very small companies looking for commercial development outside their current catchment area;
  • EXPORT Managers of SMEs wishing to develop a strategy targeting a market in our area of expertise

manufacturers in the industrial capital goods sector, but not only: over the years, we have also contributed to the success of engineering offices, material extractors, food processing companies, etc…

Our approach can be summarised in 4 steps

  1. Sales and marketing diagnosis
    Because your context is unique, this sales and marketing assessment aims to clearly present the starting point. In addition, an analysis and recommendations will be provided.
  2. Debriefing and strategic perspectives/priority on tactics
    Presentation of recommendations and tactical options, prioritisation of options to align with your strategy.
  3. Marketing plan to drive lead generation and sales
    Based on the initial diagnosis, we will make recommendations on the appropriate sales strategy and marketing plan.
  4. Implementation of the marketing plan (campaigns)
    Based on the actions approved in the marketing plan

… here we go!

We operate from Alsace to contribute to the development of

  • French companies in France, Germany, Austria and Japan
  • German or Austrian companies in France
  • Japanese companies in Europe

We guarantee to fulfil our obligations of means and advice.
At the same time, we do not guarantee results: we cannot anticipate the perception of your product or service offer (including prices and conditions) among prospects.

We offer a wide range of services and are highly personalised to suit your needs. Therefore, it is very difficult for us to talk about pricing before we have an understanding of your expectations.

Nevertheless, as a number of our services are offered on a timeshare basis, you have the possibility to manage your investment effort over time.

Zoho !

Zoho is an eco-system of 45 apps (June 21) allowing unified management of the enterprise, without having to laboriously transfer data manually. These apps are a toolbox of business applications, open to external applications, perfect for the digital transformation of a company.

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